Earthlings a mental journey to a mountain.

In contemporary artistic production, most processes are constructive. In this sense, fragmentation, mobility, decomposition and re-composition amplify the relationship between elements in order to create other plastic and semiotic possibilities.
Terráqueos (Earthlings)1 installation/performance Project, aim to understand, some conceptual and procedural contexts within this attitude, involving the act of formal (re) deconstruction, comprehended in  the landscape theme, specially in the mountain, which appear as add-ons that allows to conceive this modus operandi.
In this context, the mountain is understood as a physical dimension that contains several different manifestations within a formal setting, that also have multiple meanings and multiple orders: cartography, geography, volcanology, seismography, botanic, etc..
Therefore the mountain stands as a given area to the exploration of different sensations, self-perceived and culturally constructed in a cumulative process that creates a repertoire of multiple directions opened to (re-) presentation.
In this dimension, which stands for a constant (re)-deconstruction of its own assumptions, the work aims to offer micro-perceptions of this mountain, or simply arouses new relationships to come from the information acquired during the whole process.

Ultimately, Terráqueos (Earthlings) may be interpreted as a series of registrations from a mental journey to a mountain.

1Project developed for the master´s thesis in sculpture under the title As estruturas do imprivisível a partir de um centro de projecção(the structure of the unpredictable from a center of projection). Documentary fund of the library of Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (Fine Arts of Oporto university)